Friday, August 12, 2011

Taking A Glorious Ride In The Big M

It's going to be beautiful today in many places across the USA. AND, I most certainly AM  traveling everywhere in my Mercury!

Why not take advantage of the gorgeous weather, I asked myself?
 Get outdoors, slip into something more comfortable... a delicate silken blouse and 'nipped at the waist' cotton skirt with a draped overskirt...for effect. 

Then to put the convertible top down and take a delicious wild ride in the Big Mercury.
 Make no mistake my Gentle Readers!  I shall positively, endlessly enjoy my Merc-O-Therm ventilating and more comfort, better than every way during my thrill ride! 
'Better in styling, better in comfort, better in performance and as owners report, better in economy!'

Now, I do hear that my Mercury was introduced to the public in 1939, the Mercury car was the brainchild of  Edsel Ford, (I think I would have adored Edsel) son of Henry Ford.

The car, in the making for four years, was to be the best available from Ford and all that a luxury Lincoln could offer.

The 1939 Mercury packed a whalloping 95 horsepower flathead V8 motor with total performance that was excelsior from day one, easily reaching speeds up to 100 mph. Unique to the car, was a transmission gearshift located on the steering column, rather than on the floor. This automobile most certainly took on the halo of a winner.  Ecstasy!

Now, about a Woody!  (one of my favorites absolutely ... oh but there is the sweet little T-Bird)
During 1946, the Wood side body Sportsman Convertibles were introduced. The public was further thrilled beyond measure with the 1949 post war Mercury 8, offering a larger V8 motor and inverted bathtub styling. This car heralded in a true American classic, and frankly, became a hot rodder and street rodder's dream.

Gloriosky!  In 1950, the Millionth Mercury was produced. The Mercury car had become so edgy (and I so doooo adore edgy) that even the legendary heart throbalicious James Dean, playing a rebellious teen, drove a black Mercury coupe in the 1955 film 'Rebel Without a Cause.'  I so know the feeling!

Now, tho this is going beyond my passion for the era of the 1940s, I'll have to shed a bit more light on behalf of the Mercury honor...

Among the classic Mercurys of the fifties, the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser could arguably outshine them all!

Standard features included an electric drop down reverse slanted back window, a skylight dual curved windshield, and our favorite standard feature, the Seat-O-Matic. This seat had the abilities to adjust to 49 different positions, and quite possibly send you into obit. Ahem, not that I'm hinting at anything inappropriate!A computer clock inside this dream car calculated average trip speeds, and quite uncommonly, this car was equipped with an odometer. A Merc-O-Matic transmission keyboard control was standard, with power steering and brakes. Fully loaded! 

Mercury's of the sixties continued with excellence in speed and performance. Among the models available were Meteors, Cyclones, Marauders and the introduction of the Mercury Cougar.

Ford discontinued selling Mercury models in the fall of 2010, thereby ending production of a seventy one year old timeless brand that once stood for 'more of everything you want'...from innovation to speed.


Hubba, Hubba


  1. I love the design of the convertible Mercury, it's interesting that the transmission gearshift was on the steering wheel, I never knew that; very forward thinking. I would love to drive one of these and really open up that V-8, that would be an exciting drive.

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