Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Bungalow Tea Time at Quite The Stir Bungalow!

Well, hellooooo my fine and gentle readers!  How are you dahlings? 

Do you know what? Do you?

 I could barely,  BARELY wait to share the news that
Quite The Stir Bungalow at 500 West Middle Street in historic Gettysburg, PA is now ready to once again serve up delicious and delicate teas on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, by reservation!
Mmmmm...Yes, that's absolutely right!
You see...
as the lodging season right here in Gettysburg, PA begins a slow, but very lovely descent into a slumbering winter, Quite The Stir Bungalow ascends from full time guest lodging  into Bungalow Tea Time! 

the secret to making reservations for a Bungalow Tea is rather simple! 
Merely lift up the old tele handset and rotary dial  (717) 416-0025
OR send an e-mail to the Bungalow via the Innkeeper innkeeper@quitethestir.com and she will
(trust me I so know)
be delighted to assist in any way! 

Oh, and dahlings, if you'd like,
feel dangerously and deliciously free to contact Quite The Stir Bungalow
 through the fine auspices of  Facebook
(I yet marvel a what a modern world this is,...
after all,  the Bungalow stands ever so stalwart in the 1930s and 1940s!) 

Now, I ask you, gentle readers, could making reservations be any easier?
Served upon tier upon tier of trays and the most delicate of bone and fine china...Oh, the tea delicacies we offer!  They are delicious and  ever, EVER so very scrumptious, with each morsel to die for!  Depending on your choices, we've the catered traditional scones and darling crumpets, tea breads, sweet breads, creme puffs, eclairs, quiche, devonshire creme, assorted tea sandwiches, to include (another oh!) the favorite cucumber petite sandwiches,...a crowd pleasing favorite to be most certain, seasonal  fruits, tasty hor dourves, a selection of cheeses and, let us not forget
a remarkable and delicate salad, some with slivers of almonds, some with shards of oranges, but
then, allow me to assure you gentle readers, the options are many.

Finally, the Bungalow presents the most incredible cream based vegetable or yes, fruit based soups in vessels or demitasse cups (as to your pleasure, of course!) .
They soups may be hot or cold, gentle readers!
Isn't that quixotic, tho?

Ohhhh, and did I mention the (whisper in hushed awe with me now?) THE TEA, the teaaaaa....
oh my, but mother of all teas compete with warming cozys and personal tea pots!

Oh, (another Oh) but do excuse my extreme pleasure and excitement!
 I must say, the Bungalow does have most every tea available from
 Assam and Ceylon to Darjeeling, Green, Oolongs, and then some!
  Of course, too, we have our
perennial continental favorites available to those of us who simply adore regularity and familiarity, ahem!

I do positively rage on from time to time don't I dahlings?
Nevertheless, I must digress! After all, what's a girl to do?

I must share with all of you our tea selections from which to choose!

Let's seeeeeee now, tap, tap, tap (of my delicate and strappy little high heeled numbers)
...ahem,....the Bungalow offers

The Bombardiers Tea (for the gents too!)
USO Ladies Tea
BUY Bonds Tea
Scuttlebutt and Crew Tea (for the gents too!)
High Tea "A Culinary Delight" From The 1940's
Rosie the Riveter Tea
                                                                         But there's more!

Alright now, dahlings, let's picture this...
 it's early morning or perhaps, a golden afternoon at the Bungalow.  A charming white gloved butler in bow tie and or gracious (primping) hostess and even more lovely servers appear to elegantly and graciously serve up your delicious tea selection, carrying a single rose and an antique silver service with china!

All of this against the background  sounds of Big Band purring...
What could be more wonderful... such a dream to slip away to.

 You may feel as tho you're in the British "colonies" (say what?) while in the marvelous US of A.

Our specialty,...

From time and then again more time, Quite The Stir Bungalow invites special hostesses to share instructional tips and the ever so importance of  genteel etiquette from the era of the 1930s and 1940s, and  share the Golden Age of  Hollywood history to Stars and Glamour tips!  Now, I ask you yet again,...how simply exquisite is this?

One more thing...during your tea experience at Quite The Stir Bungalow, you may just meet up with a 1940s Rosie The Riveter, the ever beloved Pin Up, an Iconic Spy once from as close as Baltimore, MD or a WWII Flygirl!

We also offer educational teas for young ladies and gentlemen among us and adore providing services for intimate memorable events.

Well, dahlings, sigh,...I can't believe how the time has flown, and I'm totally  about through blithering on and on now. (One never knows...)

Really, why you'd think I invented tea, when really I believe the charming and distinctive Mr. Bigelow, my good friend, just may have, or hmmm, did he? Of course, then, there's Sir Lipton and Mr. Tetley...I adored playing tennis with them, what teases!  But, then again, I do evah evah EVAH so prefer loose teas.  Don't you think most everything in life that's loose is... well, most everything that's loose is wonderfully incredible??????????

It's important to keep in deep consideration of mind,
that our fine Bungalow is historically accurate to the glamour of the 1930s and attitude of the 1940s...including floor space.
We are a mere 1,400 square foot, with rather a tons of  yesterdays and in other words,
  our reservation availabilities are limited
and exclusive as to numbers we may serve at any given time.

Parking may be at premium, so do ask us upon your reservation as to the possibilities available?


So, now then,...I am quite done...but before I make my dramatic departure into yesterday (don't get too thrilled, gentle readers, I shall return in less than a fortnight)
I shall leave you with an utmost personal message and video from yours most truly and the Innkeeper, otherwise known under many nom de plumes, some of which include, Starlight Reporter, Ms. Tattle Tales, Miss Flirtzalot, Dragstrip Scooter Girl and Illegally Blondella.

Allow me to invite you to
join a plethora of remarkable dahlings (with a bit of me and whipped creme on the side)  for
 an upcoming vintage gathering with none other than the incredible and remarkable
Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter too?!
(I hear they're looking for a proofreader, if interested...)
Say what?!

Hubba, Hubba Dahlings!

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Isn't Rita Hayworth, pictured above, so lovely?
I do love the archives.org too!