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Vintage Allies
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We are a truly integrated iconic Vintage Lifestyle media platform with a monthly on-line magazine, a Vintage radio resource AND a Brick/Mortar Golden Age Broadcasting Station! We're the cutting edge and go to for your products advertising from copy to interviews!
Join us as we benchmark your vintage products, and influence the mainstream with Vintage while finding talented stars at "the corner Drugstore". We also feature our pick of talented Artists each month!
We would be honored and delighted to engage, advertise and highlight your Vintage Products, Venues, Passions, tastes and talents with a global audience through Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © VAV!. We also invite your services from Non-Profit and Educational to Sublime and Conversational.

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Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © VAV! shares up widgets of broadcasting, vintage products and quite possibly, easily, the most sublimely intriguing Vintage entertainment and education since Vintage! Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © VAV! creates and re-creates vintage interviews, live and pre-recorded. We take a monumental cutting edge approach in our interviews, reports, naughty no-nos, fireside chats and the latest 'words' on Vintage products!
You'll meet a cast of hundreds at VAV!

Meet JOLENE BUNGALOW GAL, Creator and Founder of a 1940s Homefront Lodging Bungalow, Quite The Stir Bungalow © in Gettysburg, PA, Creating Quite The Stir Event Planning, Quite The Stir Couture, Gettysburgs' Greatest Generation Non-Profit Foundation and NOW the founder of Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © VAV!

Meet KATIE DEAN HODGE. Otherwise known as "Oh Katie! Cookie Cat, Bringing you the Fabulous In-the-Know baking secrets and surprises."

Katie is also the Creator, CEO, and Founder of Oh Katie Cookies, producing a homemade chocolate chip cookie with decadent fillings! Katie is also the Author of Today I Vow

Meet LENA WEBER. Lena is a freelance writer specialising in all things vintage and the founder of The Vintage Guide To London. She lives in North London with an ever growing collection of vintage bits and bobs including boxes full of 30s cigarette cards and 60s dinner plates. In love with all things Beatles, Lena loves a good beehive and is mildly obsessed with the Rolling Stones WAGs.

Meet NINA CARRUBBA FAULL. A truly talented Author, Nina writes The Pampered Paramour cookbook series! Rendezvous with a Mistress in your Kitchen at The Pampered Paramour.

Meet MARGARITA BLOOM. This Lois Lane of Beauty and Pros is intent on spreading a little Margarita Bloom sunshine your way! VAV! welcomes this CEO and Founder of Margarita Bloom who is herself a true Hollywood Glam petite fille, modern gal with impeccable taste and love for all things retro!

Meet KATE SANNER, otherwise known by her VAV! nom de Plume of Dawn Mattatome! As Dawn, she'll reveal herself as an inveterate explorer of inner space, a purveyor of possibilities, a maven of motivation, an instigator of inspiration and the vehement voice of reason when emotion is ruling the day. Dawn, a lover of all things vintage, is now vintage herself which puts her in a darn good position to be dishing out the advice. She’s no sob-sister, so if you’re expecting warm and fuzzy, better go buy some slippers."

In addition to acting as Dawn Mattatome for VAV!, Kate Sanner is also, the CEO and Founder of Vivacity! Vivacity's progressive programs lift you up and show you what's possible so that you can take the leap that up until now you've only been dreaming of. You supply the dream...Vivacity will provide you the tools to make it a reality."

Meet DENNIS NYHAGEN. Dennis is the incredible Historian, CEO and Founder of Ditial Deli. This site maintains a passion for preservation that’s evolved into an avocation. Digital Deli and it’s growing collection of features -- showcase the Golden Age of Radio Era and as much as one can assemble and present of the events, culture, advertising, and social events that surrounded it. Dennis is also the Vice-President of Gettysburgs' Greatest Generation and a talented Web Master.

Meet LAUREN RUSSELL. Lauren is the creative Founder of Antique Home and collector of all things early 20th century. Determined to document the work and talents of women in the home, Lauren finds that her mission is more difficult than you might think! So, sit back with your lemonade and enjoy!

Laurens' visual blog, the Daily Bungalow:

Meet AMY HARDIN TUROSEK, otherwise known as Ms. Shopping Go Lightly. Amy is Founder of the Thrifty Chicks, speaker, one marvelous writer and author.

Meet TINA CZARNOTA. Tina is a delicious Author of the Country Inn, Dead and Breakfast Series and Screenplay.

Watch her You-Tube Trailer: Prelude to a Country Inn Dead And Breakfast Series. Tina recently published Deadwaiter, her second book, and Deadly Act, the third feature screenplay in her Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast series.

Tina is the Founder of the soon to spread Globally...Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day.

When away from keyboard, but close to paper and pencil, Tina enjoys visiting gracious country inns and B&Bs. Other enjoyed pursuits are movies, the theater, train travel and film festivals. Rediscovering acting classes—maybe.

Meet JEFF, AND OUR VAV! BLENDING THE VELVET SMOOTHTONE VOICES! This fine gentleman is a Song Writer and Announcer of shining armour for Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting ©

Meet MOONLIGHT SERENADE, who claims fame as a former Playboy Bunny and NOW a savy, sweet talking "Street Beat" Reporter! Moonlight will be one of VAVs! Reporters bringing the latest and greatest news and reviews on stops along the Vintage Lincoln Highway, Route 66 and points North, East, South and West! From Ma and Pa Eateries to Cigar Lounges and Pink Cadillacs? Moonlight Serenade never sounded this sweet. ♪♫

Meet JOHNNY Q. Johnny Q. is our lead VAV! Web-O-Meister and Photographer ®. This extraordinary talent creates for Quite The Stir Bungalow, Creating Quite The Stir, Astromical Society and more! He also designs and brands YOUR products and creates logos for both small and large media entities.

Meet other Reporters, Writers and Contributors in their nom de plume VAV! characters! Starlight Reporter, Dragstrip Scooter Girl, Dick Racey, Tight Lips Tatiana, Miss Illegally Blondela, Fin Fab Finella, Katey-Belle, Vintage Re-Mix, Tattle Tales, Jeffrey Smoothtones, Tina Maka NoScena, The Street Beat Reporters, Nanny, Nanny Boo Boo and The Crybabies, Ms. Penelope Kittycat Amoureuse, Bella Isimo, The Gardenia Sisters and Miles Mulch, Trek and Wanda A'mile, Erin McBreakaleg, Doctor Pres Cryption, Lady Rocket Craft and Sir Jet Pack, Easy Rider Feel Good Girls for Thrills, Ms. Penny Flirtzalot and Tab Getzaround, Condi Mint and Mac Burger, Red Hot Whynot Lipstick, Bottoms Up Crew, Kip and Paige Newlywed, Savy Time Chat Cafe, AND Karina Global Orbitor. Special Acknowldgement Notice for Calamity, our Any Girl Friday and Office Runner! Calamity and VAV! wishes to beg apologies from all those injured in her line of duty. All of our characters are represented and otherwise real characters!
Note: Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © is intent on preserving the vintage aspect of our country's heritage that existed from the period of Art Deco to the 1960s. Serious innovative in-roads to provide YOU access to this Vintage history are simultaneously taking place here AND now.

Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © is working in this digital medium and with other digital materials, in themselves of major historical significance, to preserve Vintage AND create an astoundingly entertaining Vintage record for generations to come.
Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © VAV! is bringing back Vintage with a vengeance, Art Deco to 1960s! We are hopeful that you, the general public, will enjoy easy and meaningful access to our collective history and medium.
In addition to developing our own nostaligic Vintage collections AND YOURS, we are working to promote an Annual Vintage Gathering with Vintage Allies in Spring 2011! Join us on Facebook at Vintage Allies! A page dedicated for the unfolding details of this first ever event.
From ephemera to artifact: Vintage Broadcasting Services will change the content of our cultural lives.

Note: We support a variety of public and philanthropic enterprises. Whether for education or serious entertainment, Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © will soon be opening its vintage collections and further medium to the public, researchers, and historians.

Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting © creates and re-creates vintage interviews, live and pre-recorded. We advertise and brand products and foster education while presenting pure entertainment TO YOU in this era of digital technology.

Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting
FEATURES Artwork and Vintage Products Monthly!

FiFi Flowers firmly believes the ideal that setting a mood... playing with colour... experimenting with patterns and textures... painting canvas, paper or working with interior design... Art is an experience that transcends all cultural boundaries... it makes us feel!

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