Monday, February 1, 2010

Penn Station, Infinitestimal Love

Every once and again in a lifetime, an infinitesimal moment of cataclysmic phenomena crystallizes.

Whether designed by the omnipotence of deity, absolute karma or the fervor of happenstance, a mercurial bonding inspires, emanates and insinuates itself in that magic moment through any time, space or matter.

Just such a phenomena sparked the passions of two.  The year was 1941 in the full bloom and realization of War Time America.
Her name was Diana and his name was Alexander.
 They realized an uncommon knowledge that had long been secreted away, out of necessity, and
finally lain open for each to discover.
 Now here, and ever after
 each was destined to be intertwined together in an immortal indefinable unity
of foreverness.

The world was different then for them.  How could it not be?

Everywhere, Americans wore the badge of innocence,
ignorance, defeat, hunger, poverty, the intimate knowledge of bitter
hatred and cruelty, stirring pride, glamour,
attitude and style,
temperance of want, overwhelming suffering,
brilliance, ingenuity and pain...
all were free to embrace the power and
saving grace of  love.

Their story unfolds amidst the heat and scramble of fervered goodbyes, tearful greetings, and against the surly backdrop of a dark dank train station
known as
Penn Station in Baltimore, Maryland.

Alexander was a soldier of necessity, pragmatic and practical and Diana was a lover of passion....

Gentle Readers, for more on Alexander and Diana Stay Tuned.  And, remember...our beloved Emma Mims from earlier Blogs has yet to be heard and definitely much more to say!

Hubba, Hubba

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