Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bombshells, yes... those Pin-Ups!

 We'd be oversimplifying things if we said we'd keep this brief...bah that's pure bunk!

Let's talk Pin-up gals who were so gorgeous they could pop the rivets out of a B-47 Bomber in the line of their indirect fire! These were real beauties, box office queens, cheescake idols and ideals of glamour!

You could've seen these pin-up gals painting the night and day through any number of ways.

From Variety magazine to newspapers, tabloids, and local rags...a painted mast head, er...figure on planes and ships, a quintessential ornament that was pasted over every interested fellas locker and calendars, pictures, movie screens, ...these pin-ups had it going on along with everyone jumping in on the World War II bond drive efforts and photo ops!  Hunker down, bunkers away,...incoming Bombshells were legends of iconic beauty and physique and could draw the public attention... boy howdy!

Hollywood industries, radio, television, writers, producers and beauty pagents (there's another story upcoming soon wink, hint, wink)...they grabbed at the chance of molding and sustaining Americas' perception of the glamourous pin-up gals! The public demand for glamour and allure found these pin-ups in celebrity photographs, footage, publicity shots...a hot commodity!

Did you know it's said that empires were founded on the "talents" of pin-up gals,  poetry flowed from their inspiration, stories prolifigated at the memory of their dark slash of ruby red lips, gossip scandalous and incessant, followed their lead and movies filmed and movie goers applauded their talents.  And, the public and gossips loved them or reviled them!

"A bevy of lovelies from a far, great and wide universe".    Jolene

SCREECH....halt....stop....OH-DAD-E-OH you want to hear more? Sure you do...

For all that going on, oh ye iconic of lithe figure, glamourous, long to die for and fight for legs, lips, eyes, silken hair, ... in whatever form fitting attire they donned...verily ideal of glamour be still thy fickle American hearts...these Pin-Up gals were also objects of spoof , parodie and satire. That was good or bad but not necessarily unavoidable (shore n begorren) WHY what with the fact they were... the subjects of motivations, quotations, publications, notifications, adaptations, salutations, adorations, imitations, emulations, inspirations, infatuations, exaggerations, affectations, co-agulations (whoops), impersonations, imaginations, agitations, and adulations!

So, did these "hot properties of stage and screen" beauties emanate, exist or co-mingle of in or from a far, great and wide universe ? Well, here is the scoop...they were the girl next door. As the legend goes, "she was discovered in a drug store" is very true and apt in quite a few instances according to history. Whether found "discovered" by a talent scout, pushed forth by an over anxious mother pushing forty or a father driven to distraction,  these gals hailed from every imaginable walk of life.

Mistresses of skill and due dilligence, whatever else, make no mistake that rather than the exception, these women were either or both of fluff and stuff resolve, determination and fortitude!  With hard boiled femme fatale glamour that was all business alongside "wildfire determination" , wit and with beauty and raw animal magnitism...they combined to fuel the WWII GI Joes' escapist fortitude necessary, in part, to keep America free!

These women were irresolute and tireless in encouraging and entertaining civilians on the "homefront" and performing for our fighting troops at war overseas! They engaged their " fighting prowess" of pretentious personality and glamour with a great heaping measure of patriotic aid to help encourage Americans and boost morales.

 In part, they changed America in infinite ways with the glamour and attitude of their trademark images. They encouraged, enamored, engaged and bolstered America, both men and women, with much that is lovely. These glamourous personnas kept the homefires burning bright on the long and cold, stormy, firey, shrapnel and strafe filled nights for those gallant US forces in the direct line of theatre fire.

Who of these pin-ups did not give voice to the WWII heart?

They were fashion models, consummate professionals, swimmers, actresses, dancers, glamour with a captiol G of revolutionary genre, sophisticated, urbane, blunt, bawdy, or fickle. These star studded vibrant, sulky, sirens of womanhood...revolutionized and paved the way for todays' women. These pin-up gals, these "sometimes" bad gals brought an era of change. These screen siren images of America certainly made headlines in their niche and full measure of fair share as torches of the heart!

Whatever the case and whatever you take away from all of this, these pin-up gals ushered in a renaissance paving the way for much that has since followed for womens' equality.
Yes, "sometimes" bad gals can bring on an era of "good" change, too!  Hubba!

Here is a little note of must have commonly shared knowledge from history: Betty Boop, 1930s is the earliest known, first animated, most famous sex symbol!

Boop Oopie Doop!  I'm there!