Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are You Really In The Mood?

Rosie the Rivetor, Is She Really In The Mood?  Are you?
Tomorrow will dawn another day here in the good 'old USA just as it has any other day before and since WWII.

Back then, amidst the svelte sounds of Swing and Big Bands pumping out songs of the hey day, such as "In The Mood" and "A Sentimental Journey", the war era of our parents and grandparents was unique in time.

One could find women on the homefront taking jobs in Five and Dimes, grim offices and dirty factories as their everyday roles were expanded out of a harsh necessity. While their fathers, husbands and sons fought in horrid combat they fought another war. The war they fought was on the homefront, keeping vigil 'round the clock over their home and hearth without the added extras of today, raising their children well and doing their part to defend the country. These women were made from some of the "finest stuff" of which humans are imbued.

Pulling a days work could be gritty in the factory, and hard on the the knees and soul, life was filled with doubts, insecurity and worries in overdrive yet they somehow managed to run a household, lovingly administer to the needs of a family and get the job done well. These women were fighting for their country as surely as any of the brave men at the embattled front. Emboldened by the ties that bound them, these women unknowingly forged inroads for todays' American women in all aspects.

I ask you, as you fumble for the alarm clock just one more time before arising and beginning the day that leads into your week, if you feel overwhelmed at the day that lies ahead, remember:

You may not be in the mood, nor was your mother or grandmother and Rosie probably wasn't either, but YOU CAN DO IT.