Monday, December 28, 2009

Join Me For Hot Toddies On The Square New Years Eve?

Join me for Hot Toddies on the Gettysburg Square on New Years' Eve?  Non-Alcoholic of course!

It is the perfect time to pack the 1940s vintage roadster, bring the family, or travel solo and take an evening to visit Gettysburg!  Join in the New Year' Eve festivities on the Square! 

Never too late to book your reservations for an overnight stay anywhere in Gettysburg! 

See you there?  Tell them Jolene of Quite The Stir Bungalow sent you!

"All the rich requisites are brought from far: the table from Japan, the tea from China, the sugar from Amazonia, or the West Indies, but that 'Scotia does no such costly tribute bring, only some kettles full of Todian spring.'"          Allan Ramsay 1721

Kitsch IS Earthy, Kitschy Aren't I?

I'm fond of saying that the true "Kitsch" of the 1930s and 1940s is well...Earthy!  Uninhibited!  Robust!  Lusty!

The word Kitsch has become a bit synonymous with items, things, people, attributes...and so on...being of poor quality and taste.  Some do dispute the total reference to the word... Stop!  Was that you?  Say what...never ever heard of Kitsch?!

"Well, you're about to hear of Kitsch" says Jolene "if you've the bravery, the temerity, foolhardy disregard of danger, recklessness, and the stomach to follow along with us in a  Kitsch Hunt"

"Kitschy aren't I?"

I thought we could ring in the New Year discovering Kitsch together, Gentle Readers.  By occasion, and from time to time, let's do go a wandering through the marvelous vintage era of the 1930s and 1940s!  Let's take a closer moment to observe trinkets and treasures, and every day items or objets 'd Arte! 

Most of the items you'll be catching a rare glimpse of are indeed fond little treasures (or Kitsch) of Quite The Stir Bungalow (yours truly) in Gettysburg, PA.  Most items have been recovered from darling, quaint antique shops in or near the historic and lovely 'burg of Gettysburg, PA.  However, and Ho!  Credit where credit is due, please...road tripping has been a boon in providing other treasures (or Kitsch) from the entire Eastern Seaboard and beyond!

Let's ponder various and sundry items and discern if they're Kitsch, Vintage, Treasure or Koo!  And, one more thing...don't hesitate to post us your own treasured photo of vintage 30s and 40s memorabilia for a closer look too!  "Now, Now then", she croons...."When posting us, please remember to be stalwart for...What is another man's (or woman's) treasure may not necessarily be yours or ours...but you never know!"

Canister Set
Kitsch, Vintage, Treasure or Koo?