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America Calling - US Civilian Defense

Gentle Readers...Now may be a fine time to query...
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What actually was a Blackout During WWII?

One Gettysburg, PA resident and a World War II Veteran recalls blackouts and drills this way: "These drills were meant to prepare Americans in potential air attacks." The first signal all "yellow" siren warning gave alert that volunteers had about 15 minutes to get nearby emergency shelters ready and ready for "lights out" (black out) by turning out all lights, pulling the blinds and snuffing car lights in your areas of patrol or watch. 15 minutes following the "yellow" siren warning, a "blue" siren warning meant actually turning the lights out (black out). Now, if the "red" siren warning was sounded, you knew enemy planes were nearby somewhere and the searchlights were supposed to be lit."

Fortunately, Providence Happens In America, Even During WWII!
We are delighted to report that No Red Siren or Blackouts were actually necessary, except... of course, during Drills in the United States!

Not so very fortunate were other countries of the world during WWII.
experienced constant and devastating 
demolishment by barrage after barrage of Air Raids.

Below you'll hear brief recollection from one who actually witnessed
the absolute horror and sheer terror of aerial warfare.
 The strafe of
fighter planes and the flair of munitions were seen
juxtaposed amidst the beauty of England, ...

Now, let's move from this sodden ground and onward a bit. 

We must not continue without emphatic comment that, while there were no actual air raids in the United States, there most certainly were infiltration attempts into America and among her citizens during WWII.  Through espionage Spy Rings, Covert Operations and multiple other attemps to access her shores, America remained united, stalwart and strong through times of increasing struggles during this tremendously harsh era of war.

So then, what shall be your next question of miscellany? 
You know the answer to that...
engaged and intently gentle readers!

Who or By What stroke of benevolent genius and grace united American valor in uncommon protection of themselves and their shores in the fight against predatorial enemy advances?

America Ingenuity Came A-Calling!  (That's who or what!) 

May 20, 1941 marked the United States' renewed, revised, yet all new emergence for a  federal emergency war protection agency known as the Office of Civilian Defense (OCD).  As America hurtled nearer involvement in World War II, President Roosevelt, 'neath the gentle influence of  Eleanor Roosevelt, herself,  created this Office by Executive Order 8757.  The OCD would co-ordinate state and federal measures for protection of civilians in the case of war emergencies!  President Roosevelt appointed the Mayor of New York, Fiorello H. La Guardia, as the Director of this Agency.

The OCD had four operating units and...Mayor La Guardia
further established the following entity by Administrative Order, 9:

December 1, 1941, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was created as part of the Office of Civilian Defense. Major General John F. Curry served as the first National Commander. During World War II, the Civil Air Patrol engaged civilian pilot resources to aid the war effort! It was reported Civil Air Patrol pilots sighted 173 enemy U-boats and sank two, during WWII.

The OCD served in preparation and protection of the civilian population, should Americans find themselves under attack, on American soil....

American Democracy At Her Best! 

Aptly supervising protective functions such as special fire protection, the OCD also provided services and instructions for blackouts and a plethora of other war needs from housing, public morale and transportation to child care.  Other OCD jobs included establishing and supervision of air-raid procedures, in the event of an attack.
Through promoting volunteer service, and co-ordination with other federal departments, the Office of Civilian Defense and Volunteers proudly and duly served the needs of a country engaged in dire war.

We Bid A Huge Fare-Thee-Well and thank-you
to the Office Of Civilian Defense and Volunteers
of yesterday! 
Humbled by their efforts,
Every American Rested A Bit Easier
at work and home
whilst they were busy
Protecting Americans
And American Soil
during WWII.


In Summary...


Hubba, Hubba and Kisses.

Note:  The Office Of Civilian Defense (OCD) was terminated by Executive Order 9562, June 4, 1945 whilst The Civilian Air Patrol (CAP) proudly maintains a truly worthy relationship with the USAF today.  With the aftermath of World War II, The Civilian Air Patrol became a civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force engaging in endeavors of benevolent nature.