Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let's Not Just Talk About It!....Time To Get Cooking!

Let's Not Just Talk About It You Little Dickens!...Time To Get Cooking NOW in any number of delicious, electrifying and electrific ways!

Grab your helmets, grab your schtick, grab your aprons and holy cow, do hold on to those pin-up gal posters as we get set to bear down upon the world of appliances, gadgets, menus and gizmos of the 1930s and 1940s.

Await us will you? 

We Most Heartily Promise, Gentle Readers to
return in a Gillette moment....with "Schtick Happens"...

Who Is Le Brigand?

Le Brigand, Contributing
Her Eminence Magnifique Scoundrel

Mon Dieu! Could Her Eminence Magnifique Scoundrel, Le ze dirty rotten scoundrel?
To your many queries, may we say...

  Le Brigand offers a world of adventure to our gentle readers.  With the determination of Amelia Earhart, with the curiosity of Anais Nin, with the forthrightness of Eleanor Roosevelt, the moxy of Katherine Hepburn, the raucousness and irreverence of Joe Dirt (best left alone), the intensity of the flaring sun and the passion of a million saints all smattered together with the wicked good humor, wit, intelligence, intrigue and mystery of the world ...
there you will find
Le Brigand.

She graciously shares our everyday lives with whimsical musings of and from her be-dazzled everyday world.