Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pin Up Girls! Sweet Embraceable You!

Actress, singer, dancer and indisputably the number one Pin-Up girl of era-WWII-May we present Betty Grable?! And why the appeal of this Pin-up gal?  Oh, yes, somewhere in the dregs of  history, it comes to the forefront of ones' mind...the legs!  Indescribable legs!  And, those legs were insured to the tune of $1,000,000 with Lloyds of London!

We'll be sharing indescribable moments of glamour and glory of the Pin-up gals, the gals that stole a million WWII fighting soldiers' hearts...and soon!  Rest assured, America, Ports 'O Call  far and wide and our Aussie friends...for along with the glamour of the Pin-Up Gals, we'll pay homage to and remember "the gals", American Sweethearts, Keepers of  Home, Hearth and HEART  that GI Joe "left behind"!

Hubba, Hubba  most  fine Bungalow readers...Brace Yourselves!