Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Soooo Long For The Thirties And Forties (and I wasn't even there)

I Soooo (sooo for a tad more dramatic effect) miss The Thirties to Forties
 AND I wasn't even THERE!

How many times have you looked in the mirror and be~moaned..."I soooo miss the '40s?"
No, now, I'm not talking age (we're all ageless and priceless anyway), I'm talking decades!"
Here's what I think I shouldn't have missed
HOW's About YOU?
1.  Hollywood, The Glamour, The Glitz and Entertainment
Let's face it guys and dahlinks,
Clark Gable?  Rita Hayworth?
Hollywood Parties and Potted Palms
Gloves, and patent leather shoes
Movies, Golden Age Radio
Need I expound further?
2.  Rhythm and Blues Music, Jazz, Swing, Oh Sweet Mother~the Big Bands
The beginnings of rock and roll
Let's get hep now! 
This Bungalow Gal needs to dance with a tad 'o romance too!
I want to sing AND swing it dad~e~oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhh~! 
3.  Fashion and 'Wicked Good' Lifestyle
Who doesn't adore the tailored look, and admittedly
wouldn't we all be a bit envious
putting on the occasional Ritz, the proper teas,
the evenings out (of such raritude tho, making them all's the more exquisite)?
The manners?  Excuse me...pardon, pleasure's all mine...
4.  Transportation
Oh, give me a swaying Chattanooga Choo Choo any day
A '42 Chevy and those running boards with back seats to die for
(not that I really know a thing a'tal about that)
Luxury Cruise Liner
 (not the Titanic, certainly by all accounts, even if that was a tad earlier)
Crates and Aeroplanes
and oh, the
Scooters and Choppers in their classic designs
(alright, admittedly, just catching your eye, but it could happen..couldn't it?)
5.  Iconic Figures and Heros That Were Really Heros
I mean...Gentle Readers, seriously...
I sooo (sooo again for dramatic effects) want the Lone Ranger BACK
and, where's a good Politician when you need one? (I was kidding...or WAS I?)
6.  Oh, Those Marvie Inventions!
Frisbie (ahhhh, here I've found a place for the righteous little Wham-O now)
and soooo (sooo again for, yes you know...dramatic effects) it doth GO! 
Why a girl's head would just spin thinking of all the wonderful products
invented that we, today, take for granted!
Speaking of spin...the yo-yo and
Spin, Spin, Spinnnnnnnn again... where would any of us be
without our Velcro? 
7.  Eateries, Restaurants and Shopping and Lifestyle
Meet me down at the five and dime and we'll do
a phosphate and some giggle water overtime at the drugstore too. 
Oh, you want a banana split?  Neato Joe.
Let's sit out on the porch swing, eat a home made cherry pie and I'll tell you
about my twice removed Aunt's upcoming
cotillion while we watch the fireflies blink in the yon distance. 
Oh, and maybe, jussssst maybe
we can spoon.
Whhhheeeee....42 Skiddoo
8.  Toys
They rang, they swiveled, they stuck and they went pop
...and not always in that order of things gentle readers.
9. Slang
Oh pops, that was the cat's meow back then, in fact,
I could  carry a torch for any hard-boiled darb
that wore a uniform back then. 
10.  While there was a great deal of heartache and suffering in the world,
dont'cha just absolutely longggggggg for the 'wicked good' of it all...
for the innocence and for the dew on the morning bud?
How's about you dahlink?
If I've mis-counted, mis-calculated, mis-conducted, mis-spoke,or mis-typed,
do forgive? 
I haven't a spell checker or Thesaurus on my 
42 Royal Typewriter.
Tho in spite of all my mis-behaving, I do sincerely squared
wish you really, really would forgive...but you've
got to love me?
Hubba, Hubba
Let's make the good times good again Gentle Readers.
Gettysburg, PA
The 1940s Homefront Style

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  1. Hollywood was in it's Golden Age, and it would truly be exciting to live in a time where TMZ isn't following celebrities every moves; Hollywood seemed like it was a bit more romantic back then.
    I could also enjoy the large steel vehicles of the 40's; some larger than some of my friend's city apartments.
    I especially love the slang of the 40's but really, what's holding us from bringing it back like it was never gone?

    I really enjoy your writing, keep up the great work.