Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Yanks Are Coming

In stunned disbelief, the world watched as the dense fog of WWII began a cruel descent.

In the United States, the shadowed dimensions of the fog had begun rearing its especially deceptive and uglier side by sending wisping tendrils slipping beneath the borders of every state. The murky insanity of war was groping, clawing and tugging, exponentially, at the best and the brightest of America. Something evil had been awakened, palpable and dark, somewhere beyond any reasonable understanding. A
mosaic of hell was about to unfurl, marking a chapter of freedom at the cost of miserable tragedy and loss in human lives.

Before the world had fully imploded upon itself, and with American senses still innocent and obscured of the harsh reality of  this war, before the misery and suffering became heir apparent, and robbed her of innocence, the atrocities taking place nipped only slightly harsh, at first, upon the heels of human decency and conscience.

All too soon, however, the hideous and unspeakable events unfolding "a world away" became a tangible reality to Americans and a sort of noblisse oblige for our brave, stalwart Country. The acts of inhumanity, bore hard against the soul capturing and holding the undivided attention of every passionate American.  Within her bosom, there immediately stirred disbelief bordering on anger, obsessing her with the powerfully bitter taste of  inhumanity, condemnation and injustice! 

Americans awakened to a new world of horror and their pre-occupation was drawn away from the aftermath of the Dust Bowl, the lingering wrath of the Great Depression and their everyday occupation of farms, towns and cities.  Obsession of the opulent style and glamour of 1930s Hollywood, encased in her epitome of elegance and chic, fell away.  What was at first, perhaps a siren's beckoning lure of adventure for Americans... the adventure and romance of war...soon became, in every sense of the words, a very real, infinite test of human boundaries in endurance, patriotism, heroism, bravery, and self-sacrifice...well beyond the promise of gallant adventure.

As the world became intent on shaking herself of her own poison, and red blood flowed generously from America, the tall order of freeing the world from the despot of all that war brings, became an enormous weight upon every American shoulder. Bravado and confidence was leveled in facing the realities and weaknesses of intolerance, bigotry, cruelty and bloodshed showing its hideous face.

Americans reached deeper into their reserves of strength and attitude...

Socialist cliches of right, freedom and dignity, more desperate than ever, were flung from the red, white and blue roof tops of America! And, the words, shouts and symbolism of freedom permeated no where louder than every living room across America! The echos and calls of freedom for humanity rang insistently and clearly. Consumed by the fight of the worlds colliding, by the stolen identity and rights of humanity, America was full tilt with allies, committed to an unholy combat to restore a semblance of humanity to nations!   The former inviolable perimeters of the world became blurred and shattered. The safe and forgiving world of yesterday was no more.

The War Raged on as the World went up in smoke, rightly putting an end to the despotism that had been unleashed from her bowels.

World War II proved to be the deadliest military conflict in history. Over 60 million persons were said to have been killed.

The count of human losses, in the needless face of atrocity, remains an intolerable plague upon humanity.

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