Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did You Say 1940s Trick or Tease Costume?

Trick or Treat will find some lovely, going forth into the frosty night, dressed as a vamping, steamy, duplicitous, scheming, sultry and sensuous Hollywood Siren of years gone by.

Oh yes,  just the perfect costume to be sporting for Hallowe'en! Take on the hard as nails bad girl image! Glare into the night, undaunted, while you turn every stoney stare aside looking for some treats and expecting quite the bagful of tricks! Baby, oh baby, some lucky gal is going to have personality to burn come October 31st!

Archetype film noire lovers, look is the 1940s again!  Halloween hasn't been this hot since the Fourth of July!

"People aren't safe with women like you in the world and people have to be protected."  (1947) Lloyd Nolan in Lady in the Lake

“She wants you very badly, doesn’t she? She’s willing to run away with you and keep on running and ruin everything for herself. But she wouldn’t care because she’d be there with you and that’s what she wants. Well, she doesn’t have you now and she’ll never have you – nobody will ever have you and that’s the way I want it!”  (1947) Agnes Moorehead in Dark Passage

“You’re no good for anyone but me. You’re no good and neither am I. We both deserve each other.”  (1947) Jane Greer in Out of the Past

“An interesting study, that man – rather complicated. He spent his adult life in pursuit of women, and at the same time, he has no respect for them. Men like that can be fascinating and dangerous. They prey on women and very often the women love it.”  (1945) Rosemary DeCamp in Danger Signal


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