Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Checking out the aerodynamics, Wind Resistance, And A Change Blowing In The Wind

So...dear, darling, dahlinks...there are changes afoot for Quite The Stir Bungalow and the ever vigilant Innkeeper (suddenly I feel like a song is coming on....) Ohhhhhhhhhh, and how!

Wrong song. Sooooooooooo sorry, I do get carried away!  But then, afterall, what more would you expect from a hopeless, hapless romantic gone afoul of the law of gravity?

Back to the changes blowing in the wind...let's say...Well, for now,...I'll keep the change a little teensy weensy polka dot pikeensy (made that up) secret.  Stay tuned, won't you?  

Meanwhile, get set for another 'ride' with yours truly (below) and for your information (MYSTERY Delicious Blog Commenter)...I am coming out from hiding, from behind the cloak of mystery, books and whatnots (which are actually hard to find now adays) and checking out the aerodynamics and Wind Resistance of changes that are to come. 

Hubba, Hubba,


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