Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shivers! The Haunt for Halloween Begins at Gettysburg, PA's Quite the Stir Bungalow.

Shivers!  SHIVERS!  The Haunt for Halloween begins at Gettysburg,PA's Quite The Stir Bungalow! Can you imagine?  Let me ask this again, quite another way...CAN YOU IMAGINE?! 

We'll be culling through the treasures at our deliciously charming Bungalow for Halloween haunts! That's right!  We'll peek into closets that likely creak in the nights that are filled to the brim with the harvest moon!  Yet, further... we shall sniff out the nooks and crannies that have been here and there and an important part of the Bungalow since 1931!  I kid you not my fair maidens and gendarmes!

Did you enjoy that little video?  Of course you did!  Silly me!  What ever is there nawt to enjoy?

We'll look into the closet in the Bugle Boy Room where, don't you believe firmly,...that there Halloween could possibly, even remotely, exist?  Certainly the charming and very vintage pink bed jacket could hold a bit of Halloween sparkles at least?

Second thought?  What say you if we retire momentarily to snoop about in the pint size, but oh so alluring Study, for the mysteries of Halloween?  Perhaps on Halloween Eve, the Remington's old keys begin to clickety clack, just thinking of the impending Trick or Treaters that are about to make their stealthy descent on the quiet street in Gettysburg AND knock on the Bungalow's doors?!!!  Oh, but, I must stop for now and again another moment as my unladylike, (ahem, who me?) jitters are beginning to get the better of me, too!!!!  Note to Good 'n Plenty and adorable Whoppers as seen in the picture immediately (if not moments before immediately!)

GASP!  I soo know what! Let's trip the light fantastic and venture into the front and second bedroom of the Bungalow,...that would be the Jitter Bug bedroom to you and I!  You see how nicely I sequed from the Jitters to the Jitter Bug bedroom, now don't you?  I've always been quite clever that way, you know?

Now surely, surely, within this room, there's a bit of magic blurring somewhere along the lines of memories and joy, but be it Halloween, I'm not too sure at'al!  Why, just look at the glorious sunshine bouncing off that delicious queen bed that has played host to tons of guests over the past 7 years since Quite The Stir has been, afterall, a guest house!  Hmmm...

Oh, do look!  I think I've found something, translation:  I'm on to something...but, no 'tisn't Halloween at all but a mere reflection of life taken from a LIFE magazine (now that sounds a bit suspicious and mabe even a tad horrific doesn't it?)  No?  Anyway, a bit of gossip which I will never repeat twice,... I do believe that's Marlene Dietrich on the cover.  You know Marlene?  A bosom friend of mine (in my dreams).

Hmmmm...can you hear the sounds of tap, tap, tapping from my stilhetto slippers with the fluffy pompom, that I scrimped and saved for weeks to buy from my night job at Woolthworths as a shoe sampler?  Yes, at night I was paid to live my dream!  Trying on a myriad of simply wonderful shoes, handmade by the top designers of the day, JUST to ensure their comfortability and elegance of which I am an expert on!  Back to the tap, tap, tapping...that's me as I trip into the parlor (filled with all sortsof vintage pleasures from the era!)  Halloween has simply got to be here, for sure?!  Would you just simply look at the pin up artwork pictures (painted on THE original Elvgren easel, I may add and I just did!) glowing from the gleam of the Halloween lanterns!  Alright, alright I have gone amuck and awry AGAIN.  There are no Halloween lanterns in this room, but if I so deem, it's highly possible and doable.

Really,...I've tired of the hunt for Halloween.  NOT SO FAST DAHLINKS!  I've tired for the time being ONLY...But I shall be on the sleuthing trail soon!  For now....I bid you a fond adieu whilst I find my pleasures with bon bons,  and another bit of LIFE.

Does my talent know NO Boundaries whatsoever?

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