Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Allies Broadcast

This is entertainment . . . coming to our readers and listeners soon. . .through Vintage Allies (VAV!) web pages and via a brick and mortar homefront radio broadcasting station. Coast to Coast, Vintage Allies will be bringing live and pre-recorded broadcasts, interviews, reviews and commercials to the listening audience.

It is time again, for those lazy days by the pool with the family, for those evenings up at the lake to reminisce about how simple life was and still can be. Prepare for all that reminds us of simpler choices and values--values we can recapture.

Timeless, wholesome, constantly entertaining, and produced to entertain an entire Vintage Allies (VAV!) family of readers and listeners through sound and imagination alone is what you'll find through our vintage broadcast.

At Vintage Allies we respect both the periods we celebrate and the wealth of historic, cultural and social messages. American history has been unique in a period of disaster, both financial and geo-political. But it was also a period of unprecedented hope and recovery--both economically and spiritually.

"The spirit of a great Nation is no where better preserved than through virtually every recording produced during the Golden Age of Radio--both here and abroad." ~ Dennis Nyhagen of The Digital Deli On-Line

If you would like to download or contribute to The Digital Deli On-Line, a large contributor to Vintage Allies radio resources, we offer the following facts and statistics from their web pages:

"Virtually all of the Internet's most prominent commercial Golden Age Radio vendors have built as much as 50% of their collections from The Digital Deli's Golden Age Radio Holdings. Indeed, if you've been downloading or purchasing .mp3 recordings from virtually any popular Internet Source for the past 9 years, there's a 30% - 40% chance you've been downloading Digital Deli Online recordings right along. Since we're a not for profit service, we don't compete with these vendors. But note that these successful Golden Age Radio vendors continue to trust The Digital Deli Online's holdings to build their offerings from our extensive, diverse, quality holdings.

Two worldwide, ongoing research efforts have collectively downloaded in excess of 38,000 and 163,000 files from The Digital Deli's FTP Holdings, with the goal of building two of the most completely documented collections of Golden Age Radio Episodes and Shows yet attempted.

If you have an ongoing Golden Age Radio preservation or research effort underway, we're prepared to help you--at no cost or nominal cost, with any of our resources. Feel free to contact us with your proposals. Simply click the 'Comments Please!' button on any page, and we'll work with you in any way practical."

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