Sunday, August 1, 2010

I SO Want To Express MYSELF At The Carnivals!

1937 Tilt-a-Wheel

Gentle Readers?
"I SO Want To Express Myself At The Carnivals"!

Don't you simply just reach Dizzying Heights
thinking about the pleasures of
good old fashioned American
Carnivals, Fairs, Church Socials, Cake Walks
and Cat Walks?
(Well, maybe not actually cat walks, but it could happen, pon my words!)

As promised in "yon early on" Blog...
We're pulling the brakes on this now FULL ON and IN progress
1947 All American Woodie Road Trip!
Mind you now, we're aborting our post on the road temporarily, momentarily...all with the good intentions of
enthusing fun, thrills, chills, delight
AND American history into the hearts of goodness... everywhere!

Well, stars, let's do start with my passion (fey who knew?)...the carnival!

Primarily and substantially speaking as tho I know for positively sure,
the carnival is an outdoor show!  A traveling outdoor amusement show is a more apt description, with dizzying rides, sideshows, sticky cotton candy, burnished red candy apples, pink and blue cotton candy, snow cones, pop corn,
AND fey?!  Do I actually
sniff delightful french fries and kraut covered hot dogs?

Now, then your next question shall be

"What's a Fair?"
Well, I too happen to have the dittos, dots and details on
this answer! Step aside whilst I fill in the blanks with
anecs and anecdotes!

A Fair is also an outdoor show: an outdoor amusement show with rides and sideshows
but Gentle Readers? Let's add in to this mix an exhibition, usually competitive, of farm products, livestock, baked goods, jams and jellies, stitchery and
allllllll imaginable!  Like carnivals fairs are held annually but unlike carnivals, fairs may be a
County, or a whole entire State Fair!

I DO SO WANT A COMPETIVITE BLUE RIBBON (and not  the Butter sort)
In fact?!
I shall bet my giant pumpkin a win against your cruel cold cucumber!

"What's a Permanent Carnival or Fair Called"?
I most deliciously think a good fit to that question would be an amusement park or theme park!   Terms for a group of rides and other entertainment attractions assembled for the purpose of entertaining a large group of people generally in a fixed position! 

An amusement park is more elaborate than a simple city park or playground, usually providing attractions meant to cater to children, teenagers, and adults.
The Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II, during the 1940s, saw the decline of the amusement park industry, sniffles.

But, let's discover a mecca by day and a glamourous funland by night?
And a lovely example of an amusement park many of our grandparents
may have rememberd!

Coney Island! "Where Merriment is King (or Keen)!"
Here, Gentle Reading Dahlinks? Watch and listen to 1940s
history of this particular amusement?

A little note of memories...Coney Island is no more.

Alright now, so we've covered everything here but
the Worlds Fair and Socials. I regret to inform you that, socials will have
to simply wait stalwart alongside the World!

What I dearly would like to answer is
"What is a Cake Walk"?
Life, Sillies!

Actually...A Cake Walk is a bit of 'wicked good' fun enjoyed at socials (that word again), carnivals, fairs, and fundraising events. It is similar to a raffle and musical chairs. Example: Numbered squares are gently laid out on a path. Tickets are sold to lucky participants, with the number of squares in the path equal to the maximum number of tickets sold. The lucky participants walk around the path in time to lovely music, which plays for an unspecified duration and then stops! Why who KNEW? A number is then called out shrilly, and the person standing on the square with that number wins a contributed/donated CAKE as a prize (hence the name Cake Walk).

The Cake Walk has been a sublime and wonderful event
in our American History. Really and truly. Many
necessary funds have been raised all
due to the Cake Walk. Did I mention FUN?

Someone invented it somewhere, but
to tell the truth? It doesn't matter now does it? Really, in the end?
Let's just enjoy!

And, so...Gentle Readers? I'm glancing back AND ONLY BRIEFLY
to ask this? How DOES a carnival or any
delightfully absorbing show from Fair to Carnival
actually "travel"?

We'd like to show you one fine establishment
of perhaps an endless listing that
offers traveling carnival and fair delights!

All the above said?

Jolene Bungalow Gal can most certainly see herself scaling the graceful
heights in her flying trapeze AND Ferris Wheel. Say, what's that you say?
I may ride the caramel camel and sit tall atop the Flying Horse of
the Carousel? Go ON! Really?

May I swirl upon the 1937 Tilt-A-Whirl?

May I (I ask most respectfully and beguiling) stay the night
beneath the strings of the garish carnival lights?

Be still my foolish American singing heart!


Hubba, Hubba

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