Thursday, January 7, 2010

Razzz Ma Tazzzzzzzz, I Did IT..Again! LOMBARD!

I Said I Wouldn't Do "An Exposé" on the 1930s and 1940s Hey Day again for just a bit.
I was actually off  of the wagon for an hour or so...
then contrarily and  Goodness Gracious, 'Mes amis'!

By Darn, if I am not, good and righteous, back on the wagon again!

Jeff, most debonair, handsome and fine gentleman of the Social Club,
here's to you and the wicked good inspiration...

The Paying of an Homage to the Legend and memories of  Carole Lombard
whilst launching a
tuppence of whispered yet, "blissfully kissed memories on the brow"
to the one who dearly loved
her most tenderly of all...
Clark Gable
and only a million adoring, thronging fans.

Hitch Your Star to the Wagon
Whilst the Fireworks of  Romance and Intrigue Unfolds
and soon
Let the Star Power Begin?

Carole Lombard, An American Actress
"You're getting to be a habit with me!"

For all intents and purpose
I'm not going to "Take it on the heel and toe" 1930s style, just yet!

Hubba, Hubba

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