Saturday, December 12, 2009

Over Under Or Through !

Amidst the plethora of treasures within this Bungalow,  there are remarkable mementos and memories from  "The Greatest Generation".  And, naturally, you will find World War II memorabilia is interspersed in the mix of the bounty too.

Quite unexpectedly, I came upon the most wondrous gift of all, yet this Holiday Season.

How glorious can you imagine anything to be as what was experienced in and of a discovery only last evening?   Allowing myself a bit of time to indulge in historical revery, at the Bungalow, I often browse amongst the memorabilia that had left its mark upon history in a large way. This particular night, I alighted upon history in the form of a WWII helmet resting, if possible, both stalwart and at ease upon a camp stool. Held within the heavy dull metal of the helmet, was a stubborn removable lining... which naturally intrigued. With no little difficulty, I was able to wedge the lining of the helmet from it's outer casing of the heavy metal where it had lain silent, for perhaps, years...

The heart skipped a beat or two and began racing as the decal revealed all of the world of glory to me by the glimmer of chandelier light. Gold with blue print, a red keystone and a black swastika on either side of a horses' head (be that the Knight?)

One can only imagine a brave soldier, a stranger, far away from home and longing for family.  Engaged in mortal combat for our country, he most certainly may have used this very helmet to rest his weary head before "falling in" early the next morning, for you and I.  Godspeed noble, brave, gallant,young, fine fighting men!

Soldiers of and in your youths, sailors of the seas, pilots of the skies, you are encouraged to reminisce, if it so pleases you.

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  1. Jolene, The 104th Calvary Regiment Thank you for remembering.