Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Could I Possibly Be A Bungalow Enthusiast Too?

Could I Be Possibly Be A Bungalow Enthusiast Too? 

After a bit of pondering that age old question, we'll give you a positively resounding....Maybe!

Firstly, we'll need to explain what a Bungalow is all about.  Secondly, we'll hope to offer up some magnificent historical treasury, trivia and facts about Bungalows, just to reflect upon, that is.  Finally, into this wonderful Bungalow mix we'll bring to you, we'll be sure to toss in some most searching and daunting introspective questions you'll be wanting to ask yourselves!

With a few salty phrases bantered about such as "They don't build them like this anymore!", and "You should see the built in ironing board!" you may just have your answer to the question, Could I Be A Bungalow Enthusiast Too?

So, give us a few, will you? ...and we'll return...with a bit more on these "swell" little Bungalows and... while were at it?  We'll croon a bit about, our near and dear to the heart, Quite The Stir Bungalow in historical Gettysburg, PA and what we're all about too!

Get your Bungalow Dancing Shoes on now!  Please enjoy the Christmas Story while you wait...

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