Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello, Snook'ums, What'll you have?

If you were to walk right on in to any particular diner coast to coast in the 1940s on any given day of the year, you'd probably find a stool at the luncheon counter, wrap your leg around the base, give a heave ho and pull yourselves a break on the swivel down.
"Hotsy Totsy day out there" you'd probably overhear a city slicker, who just pulled in with his brand new shining black jalopy, (for the second time that week) comment to a kinda hard boiled P.Y.T  (pretty young thing), who boredly awaited the hundredth order that morning alone.

And, you'd probably see P.Y.T. resting an elbow atop the steel counter, lead pencil stuck in her mass of blonde waves and gum snapping.   Her crisply starched white collar, with sheared off cuffed sleeves to match, would be in odd contrast to her demeanor.  She'd be listening as the city slicker boasted (for the second time that week) "I'm gonna spend me some pennies from heaven!" 

So? What a wise guy betcha dimes to the dozen P.Y.T is probably thinking.  Instead, she'll stand upright, look him in the eyes and drawl "Okey Dokey then, same, loverboy?" 

Man Oh Man!, thinks city slicker to himself.   This  P.Y.T has a kisser to die for and gams to match!  Hubba!  He gets his own eyeful as she lets out a lungful  to the sad sack rumpled cook, whose been reading the paper's track results, while standing unseen beyond the galley opening.  "Big Cheese here gets an order of Adam and Eve on a Raft and wreck um!" Continuing to snap her gum, she ads with a quick afterthought " Oh yeah, and make it snappy, ya pushover!"  The cook mutters beneath his breath and tosses the paper into the tattered dog-eared cardboard breadbox to begin frying up another endless order of rations. 

No Siree, it was never second rate or boring at the diner!  What'd ya think Snook'ums?